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Velma Jones

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Payment for service is expected at the time of service

Most clients leave a check on the kitchen counter the day that we are scheduled to clean.

Lock-Out Policy

Most clients give us a key to their home or garage door combination for easy access.  Some clients prefer to leave the door open the day we are coming or leave a key outside, whichever you are comfortable with.
In the event that we are locked out of your home on your scheduled cleaning day there will be a $25.00 charge to cover our rescheduling expenses.


We understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel your cleaning visit.  We require 48 hours notice so that we may try to fill the spot with another cleaning.  We understand that emergencies do arise and we are sympathetic to that.
If your house is on Other week basis we would like to schedule to clean it another day of the week or the following week to keep your house on the same previous scheduled week.  If your house is going to be cleaned on 4 weeks it takes more time to do it so we add $25.00 on that just to cover the cost for that cleaning!
The same applies to Monthly basis.

Cleaning Times

In a perfect world we would be able to give you the exact time of arrival on your scheduled cleaning day.  Sometimes changes arise making it difficult to give an exact time.  We do our best to keep the schedule in the given time frame.
Please make sure the home is ready for cleaning before we arrive so that you are not picking up while we are trying to clean.
It helps us keep on our cleaning schedule.


We are there to clean your home and need to be able to access the areas that you would like cleaned.  We ask that things like toys, clothing, wet towels, newspapers, tools, dirty dishes, papers, etc. be picked up prior to our arriving.  It helps to keep from spending valuable time picking up the house when we are there to clean it.
It is not our customary practice to do dishes, however if there are a few dishes in the sink we will put them in the dishwasher or wash them.  We don't clean litter boxes or dog and cat dishes.

Green Cleaning

Keep It Clean offers environmentally friendly home cleaning products if requested.